Terms & Conditions

Payment of a deposit payment denotes that you have read and accepted all these terms and conditions stated below


All of my cakes are freshly baked to order and hand-made
Sponge cakes decorated in fondant icing should be eaten within 7 days but fruitcake is edible up to 6 months from the delivery date. Cakes should be kept in the box provided when uncut and should be wrapped in foodgrade clingfilm and placed back into the box once cut.
As general guidance, cupcakes should be eaten as soon as you can preferably within 2 days. They should be eaten at room temperature and should be left in the box provided.
As all of my cakes are freshly made they can be frozen if you find yourself with too much! Carefully wrap with clingfilm and place in airtight container and they will be fine to freeze


Wedding cakes – To confirm an order, a non-refundable/non transferable retainer is required upon booking. This will secure your requested date and cake order. The outstanding balance is due no later than 6 weeks before your wedding date – the final balance will be calculated once your cake design has been finalised. You do not have to be 100% sure of your design in order to book your cake. Your final cake design may be changed until 6 weeks before the wedding but it will not be possible to reduce the accepted quote.Changes to the previously agreed design may incur extra fees after the retainer has been paid, the balance will be adjusted accordingly. Full payment can be made earlier if you wish. Failure to complete payment 6 weeks before the delivery date may result in your order being cancelled. By making a deposit payment the buyer is accepting the Terms and Condition as detailed on this
page. Payments can be made by Cash or Bank Transfer


Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon cannot replicate an exact copy of another persons design due to copyright.All cake design are the result of the information given to Cakes by Fiona Mackinnon. The interpretation of customer’s bespoke requirements and sometimes a diagram will be used to explain what the customer will receive. Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon reserves the right to make minor changes to best suit a design if they feel it necessary, these changes may not always be communicated to the customer.
Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon will do its best to match any colour requests for icing but we cannot guarantee an exact match as colours present differently in different materials, e.g Sugarpaste & flowerpaste mediums. We aim for a perfect match but this is not always possible.
Please check your order thoroughly before payment. For bespoke cakes we can only create the finished article from what we interpret from the wording of your order.


Any alteration you wish to make must be requested via message to Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon Facebook page or via email to fiona@highlandcakes.co.uk
We cannot guarantee that we will be able to make alteration to cake requested within a month of delivery as items / ingredients need to be ordered in advance
Any changes will be agreed via e-mail/page message.
Alteration to wedding favours and cake cutting orders may not be possible within 2 weeks of your wedding reception date.


Once you have decided on your cake design, colours and details, I can arrange a taster-session, where you can sample your chosen cake flavour. This also gives you/me the chance to discuss any details regarding the final cake. Many of my customers are overseas and it is not always possible to meet before your special event.
The samples given in the consultation and tasting are made to approved Cakes by Fiona Mackinnon cake recipes. However, every cake is handmade to order using fresh and natural ingredients
Tester boxes of samples of cake can be sent out to confirmed booking free of charge, alternatively a deposit of £25 is required in order to supply and send out a taster box (U.K. addresses only). Sample are made approx every 6 weeks fresh, so it is not always possible to send out the sample taster box on demand. After paying for your taster box should you decide to book, your £25 payment will be deducted from your final balance.
Cake tasting sample boxes are for two people only, should you require more, then a further £25 charge will be applied.


Deposit payments are non-refundable and non-transferable
If you cancel your order for any reason six months to two months before the requested date, 50% of all other monies paid except the deposit may be refunded. Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon has the right to refund in which way they deem suitable and will process the refund within a months of cancellation.
If your order is cancelled less than eight weeks from the requested date, you will receive no refund.
Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon has the right to not refund at all, dependent on circumstances.
Deposit payments are not refunded as the reason for securing the date in Cakes by Fiona Mackinnons’ diary, so that additional work is not taken on. It therefore means that Cakes by Fiona Mackinnon may have turned down potential orders and lost monies should an order be cancelled.


Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon can deliver throughout the Highlands of Scotland and Grampian . Quotes for further afield can be given.
Cakes by Fiona Mackinnon’s do not charge a flat fee for delivery and assembly with the exemption of Inverness city hotels, where the delivery charge is a set fee. All delivery charges are calculated on a distance and time basis and are quoted in the order confirmation. Cakes by Fiona Mackinnon’s delivery charge include delivery to the agreed location for specified time – as per order conformation – liaison with the caterer or banqueting manager at your venue and assembly of the cake in-situ.
Delivery charges are calculated leaving from the bakers base, which is Elgol, Isle of Skye. The route taken is at the baker’s discretion.
Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon offers you the option to collect your cake free of charge (not all cakes are suitable for collection so please ask for more detailed information), however, please note – if the cake is collected , the full responsibility for the safety of the cake is with the client and Cakes by Fiona Mackinnon will not be responsible for any damage to the cake after its been collected
If cakes have been collected they should be transported on a flat surface (preferably in an empty boot or passenger footwell – dependant on size of cake/car). It is not recommended that cakes are put on a seat or a passenger knee as the angle can cause damage to cake.
The same applies for cakes that are delivered – once we leave, we cannot take any responsibility for the cake. This applies to damage or movement of the cake by venue staff. Photographs are taken at this stage of cake in situ – see damaged section.
Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon accept no liability for self-assembly cakes that are not assembled properly or are damaged during assemably or transportation.
Cakes by fiona MacKinnon will not accept any liability for loss or damage arising when it is not able to deliver due to adverse weather conditions, road hazards or conditions. The company will keep the customer informed in these conditions.


Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged after they have been delivered to the agreed location.
For cakes delivered to wedding venues, Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon will provide a photograph as proof to say that the cake has arrived and that it arrived in perfect condition.
Cakes that are collected are checked by myself and checked by the customer on collection.
The customer consents that it has been collected in perfect condition by accepting the cake and removing it from the bakers base .Damages after this point are not Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon responsibility.
All Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon wedding cakes are fragile and require care and attention when handling, storing and displaying to prevent damage occurring.
Please take care when displaying your cake at your wedding reception to avoid direct sunlight, spotlight or candles creating damage to the cake decoration.This is more relevant in summer months – it is important that you discuss with Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon where the cake will be displayed. Hand-painted and buttercreamed are especially vulnerable to heat and light damage. All Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon cakes are designed to withstand normal and reasonable display condition. special requirements regarding display suitability will be discussed during the consultation process. Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged during display at your wedding.


Complaints are very rare , however , Cakes By Fiona MacKinnon takes them very seriously , after all our great reputation is built upon the word of mouth of our customer!
Correction and repairs to cakes including inscription mistakes , can be corrected on the same day in most cases.
You are required to give us the opportunity and must let us know of the problem within 1 hour of accepting your cake.
Some complaints may require further investigation and an immediate refund may not always be possible.
Cakes, or part of cakes, must be returned within 24hrs to ensure we are able to fairly assess the nature of the complaint and that it never happens again!


Unless otherwise specified all cakes contain butter, gluten(wheat) and eggs and are made in an environment that handles nuts, soya and alcohol.
Gluten-free cakes can be made on request but we cannot guarantee that these cakes will not contain trace amount of these ingredients due to the nature of production.
Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon accepts no liability for customers suffering allergic reaction from eating our cakes.
It is the customer’s responsibility to make Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon aware of any special dietary requirements that need to be accommodated in the making of their cake.
All tiered wedding cakes, excluding butter creamed finished cakes , are coated in a layer of chocolate ganache (white/milk/dark chocolate are used depending on the flavour of cake). Ganache is a mixture of cream and chocolate. Please make us aware if you have any allergies to these ingredients.


Cake stands hire starts at £25.00 per cake stand. Some stands are more expensive
A deposit is require to book cake stand. This will be held until the stand is returned to Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon
I collect the stand from your Wedding Venue for free (Wedding Cake Service) – depending on location. Cakes by fiona MacKinnon might ask you for your assistance in delivering the stand to a mutually agreed location due to geography.
Cake stand deposits are refundable upon the return of the cake stand and packaging to the Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon to the bakers satisfaction.
All deposit will be returned via bank transfer once they have been deemed returned in a satisfactory state.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon.
If you have any questions regarding any of our terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be delighted to help.

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